About Me and My Hobby

My Story


My name is Alan Findlay. I live in Dumbarton, Scotland.

For (too many) years I’ve worked in the electrical industry. Not by choice I may add – I fell into it. It pays the mortgage.

I’ve dabbled in other areas too, with only one other sphere making me any money, and that was as a mobile DJ. Hosting parties and the like.

I actually enjoyed it, but it’s a young person’s game (as you soon find out …)

Also on my list of things I’ve had a go at are journalism, both written and broadcast. The latter I enjoyed, but I have a ‘face for radio’, so it was never really a career option.

My other passion is football, or ‘soccer’ for any North American folk looking in. I’m involved with my local club which brings be elation and despair in equal measure.

And so, to photography.

I love taking pictures. I don’t like the technical side of it though, but I’m slowly beginning to get a grip.

Photo taking is a release for me. My job is extremely stressful at times and to relax by walking and ‘shooting’ is good for me.

For the past couple of years, I’ve learned a lot about different aspects of photography without any expectations. I simply enjoy the freedom.

There is a lot of complexity surrounding taking photos and in my view it’s unnecessary.

Dare I say it – it’s snobbery, from equipment to denigrating amateurs who use only Auto mode.

Total nonsense of course.

I use two Sony cameras – my A6000 and HX300 units. Both suit me fine and whilst it’s a bit hit and miss, I get some great images from them both.

The A6000 in particular is a terrific piece of kit. I have three lenses for it – the kit lens, which gets terrible press for some reason (I think it’s great), a Sigma prime and the Sony 55-210mm telephoto. All have served me well and will continue to do so.

The HX300 has a Zeiss lens (which I’m told is ‘good’) and I’ve taken some memorable shots with this camera.

Photography should be fun – not a degree exam.

I also get great images from my iPhone and used correctly, some stunning photos can be achieved.

I don’t have a style, but I’m working on it.

Anyway, I’ve babbled on too much.

Enjoy the photos I post here, or not!