Images of Dumbarton (2)


Glencairn House tunnel from Dumbarton quay to the High Street.

I like the contrast between light and dark. The sandstone on the walls came up well in post processing. Just a slight tweak!


A6000 – Balloch Park – Tree Carvings

SHOTS tree stump carvings located in Balloch Park. These unusual nature events were created by local tree surgeon Patrick Weir.

They are magnificent and others can be found in Levengrove Park (Dumbarton).

I used my 55-210mm for these photos, and the result was not too bad. The composition could be better though!

A6000 with Kit Lens – Italy





The above photos were taken with my (new) Sony A6000 camera with a kit lens.

It’s a wonderful device, though I do think that the lens supplied is not the best as some of my images are quite noisy (grainy). I’m saving up for a 35mm prime lens and a recommended 18-105 zoom which opens to F4. Both could be on my Christmas list.

Despite my own criticisms, the pictures are not too bad.